Cloudscape OS, but where is CloudSync ?

I've just read that IBM is going to opensource the feature rich and robust Java only database called Cloudscape.
That is surely great news - at least if it has kept it's lightweight footprint and ease-of-use from the last time I used it (a couple of years ago).

The not so great thing is that it seems IBM removed the one great feature that really set Cloudscape aside - namely CloudSync! CloudSync allowed you to replicate selected parts of your database to e.g. a laptop or PDA to allow for fully disconnected usage of the database - and possibly modifications could later be replicated to the source database! A VERY nice and powerfull feature.

But unfortunately I found at the Cloudscape Forum (and the fact that ClodSync is last mentioned in the 4.0 docs) that this feature was removed from Cloudscape soon after IBM aquired it "because IBM already has
synchronization technology available called the DB2 Everyplace Sync Server".


..but still having CloudScape out there as an alternative is priceless, maybe that could bring back CloudSync'a'like features.