Fresh laptop - what to install

Just received a new laptop box, and as always i'm using hours to configure it just right :)

Now that i've done that quite some times the last few years I wanted to write down the stuff I normally install on such beasts.

Here it goes:

Opera - still the fastest and most resource efficient browser on the planet
Trillian 2 Pro - the ultimate IM client
Skype - the best voice IM i know (MSN takes too many resources for my taste)
Cerberus FTP - easy to use and fast server
TightVNC - remote desktop'ing the easy way
Picasa - insanely fast and cool image/photo manager
SlickRun - full command line and shortcut power tool
Webshots - simply fantastic images, even in the free edition and it's light on the resources
Ninotech Path Copy - very configurable shell extension for copying pathnames to the clipboard
Servant Salamander - Slick and easy to use file manager
TortoiseCVS - Make CVS commands available in a shell extension
Eclipse - free and ultimate (java) IDE
Cygwin - make windows usable
Putty - small and fast SSH client
4NT - all what a command line shell should be (unfortunately not free)
Gnuplot - plotting almost anything
Ploticus - plot the rest
Emacs - the editor (+ a long list of packages not mentioned here :)

...probably forgotten a few - but that will wait to next time :)