What was I thinking ?

Deployment time blues long time do you spend waiting on your J2EE server when deploying ?

At my work we use a server for which we can reduce the deployment time dramatically compared to Weblogic, Websphere and others I've tried. It's 5-10 seconds, compared to minutes in the big-shots containers....

I don't like to wait more than 5-10 seconds, so I'm shocked when I hear/read about deploymenttimes seems just to get higher and higher for many projects using big commercial servers.......what are you doing to keep them down ?

Using hot/inplace hotdeployment has a rumor of being "flakey" on some servers, is this still true ? Can one rely on it reloading classes correctly ?


Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) for Java ?

Now that JDK 1.4 has introduced the javax.print with IPP-like semantics and properties, why haven't we yet seen an IPPPrintService and IPPLookupService ?

I've searched high and low for such a beast, but with no real luck.

This site mentions something that sound like they have done it, but there is no response when asking them for details :(

In some bug-reports on there is small comments on "maybe in 1.5", which sounds interesting, but why not before ? Why not as an experimental addon...? It would be so sweet :)