Calling conference bridge numbers with Skype

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Max Rydahl Andersen

I like Skype, but one of the features it has always lacked is a way to directly call into conference call bridges.

With a little help from AppleScript I finally managed to make that happen:

on run {input, parameters}

set phone_number to "+1......" set dtmf to "1234567894#,*1234#"

tell application "Skype" set active_call to send command "CALL " & phone_number script name "" set skype_call_id to word 2 of active_call delay 10 set bridge to "ALTER CALL " & skype_call_id & " DTMF " repeat with tone in the characters of dtmf if tone contains "," then delay 2 else send command bridge & " " & tone script name "s2" delay 0.2 end if end repeat end tell end run

Copy and edit the above, remember to set the phone_number and dtmf variables.

Note: the dtmf variable treat's "," as a 2 second pause to use for conf call bridges that are a bit slow :)

Save it as a Service and you can now directly call your conference line directly from any app via the Service menu.