EclipseCon: Debug, EMF might be useful and XML editors

Max Rydahl Andersen

First day at EclipseCon and until now it been a real treat!

Eclipse Debug Framework

First part of the day I spent at the "Eclipse Debug Framework" tutorial. The tutorial were really nice and got to see code and work with it and even though the presenter had to be a bit quick, we got enough material to complete a simple full debugger. Nice.

I got a really good insight in how it can be used to build your own debug functionallity. More interesting is how powerfull it already is and there is a lot of extension points we can use to add "enhanced debug value" into JBoss IDE and for me especially Hibernate Tools.

Today we already use the launcher framework for the codegeneration which really saves alot of redundant code, but i'm also toying a bit with how we can hook into a running JVM and interact with any SessionFactory and/or Session available in the callstack or variables view allowing users to introspect a running Hibernate instance and even execute queries against it. Will be cool, but will have to start coding against Eclipse 3.2 to get to the real fun parts.

Webtools Dinner

The dinner were nice, where I got to sit at the "Webtools" topic table. Got a good talk with various people (you know who you are ;), but especially with Raghu Srinivasan which is part of the JSF subproject of Webtools.

He told me how they lately had seen the light with respect to how EMF could help keeping non-text representations in sync with a underlying XML model without too much hassle. That is the first good argument I have heard for actually using EMF (besides the typical "everybody uses it" argument).

Extending Webtools XML Editors

I've been extending and using the Webtools XML editors for good and for worse in Hibernate Tools. This afternoon (actually currently) I am sitting at the "Extending the XML and JSP editors from the WTP project". Here it is more a technical walk through and a talk about various features and functionallity that is available in the XML editors.

I got a "few" things I want to talk with they guys behind the XML editors and until now it seems this is just the right place to be.


Tomorrow I will be doing the Hibernate Tools Demo which is at 15:00 in room 203, drop by and let me know what you think.

We might also do a "JBoss IDE & American Beer BOF", but it is not clear if there will be room...stay tuned!