Exadel Plugins are now opensourced

JBoss Tools and devstudio
Max Rydahl Andersen

Yesterday evening we finally made the commit of Exadel Plugins to JBoss Tools SVN and during the night the nightly builds were generated and I encourage you to try them out and give us feedback.

This was a big team effort and I thanks everyone involved from San Francisco, Concord, Dallas, New York, London, Antwerpen, Neuchatel, Minsk, Moscow to Brisbane (and surely others which city I forgot) for stepping up when needed.

Special thanks goes to:

Denis Golovin & Alexey Kazakov and their development team for doing the hard work with preparing the source code for opensourcing Marshall Cullpepper for all the work done, especially integrating the JBoss IDE and Exadel Studio builds Alexey Morlender and his QA team for filling up JIRA and keeping us busy Bryan Che, Igor Shabalov and Theresa Kelsey for pushing JIRA and Red Hat Helpdesk to it's limits Mark Webbink & Sacha Labourey for all the talks about open source licenses and finally Greg Katzman for introducing me to "Russian Sauna"

Remember that this is just the first step of many, follow and/or join us at jboss.org/tools