Hibern8IDE 0.9

Max Rydahl Andersen

It's about 5 months since i announced Hibern8IDE beta-release.

Well, today I've build a new .jar file for you AND added the source code to the HibernateExt CVS repository.

Thus, now you can all see all the gritty details ;)
Well, it was actually VERY simple to make this small interactive HQL editor - just haven't had the time to pollish it firmly, so please be gentle ;)

New stuff:
* directly callable from your existing Hibernate project, just do: Hibern8IDE.startWith(configuration);
* SIMPLE d'n'd from tree to HQL area
* Can double click on the result and get an JavaObjectInspector (JOI) up for displaying the contents of what was loaded.

What are you waiting for ? Go fetch ;)