Hibern8IDE first beta-release!

Max Rydahl Andersen

Go fetch :) (Remember to refresh if you just get to see a page with only a viewlet :)




I've just had a look to your HSQL interpreter and its background looks pretty good.

I'm actually developing a tool that in some way administrates the BBDD form Hibernate by using a relational object explorer where such objects,collections and mapping entities can be created, modified or removed. They can be dynamically loaded as it is your case, and I will be developing the functionality soon.

To be completly honest, this is my first serious project involing internet, so I'm a bit mixed up. I would like to use your code (if it is Opensource) in order to add it to my tool or I could take part in the development of the interpreter by adding part of my application. I'm not sure about how to do this: do I have to do it through "SourceForge" using Hibernate Forum or do I have to comment it right to you?.

Max Andersen

Go write about your project on the Hibernate Forum and let's see what your project is about ;)

What do you mean by BBDD ?

And btw. my hibern8 ide does not contain any interpreter - it is all done via standard Hibernate calls.


If hector is spanish, as his email suggests, BBDD is "Base de Datos", ie. database or DB. (The spanish double the letters in an acronym.)


(at the front page)

How do I install it ?

Download hibern8ide.jar and put it whereever you want it.

Put hibern8ide.jar,hibernate2.jar and all its companion .jars in your classpath and then run the class net.sf.hibern8ide.hibern8IDE. (!!NOTE!! <--- the classname is "Hibern8IDE")


I can't seem to get it running on a Windows XP machine.

I get the following message in the IDE

unknown protocol: c Nested Exception unknown protocol: c

In the dos window i get

C:\Program Files\eclipse\workspace\testing\src\ocao\wads\model>c:\hibern8ide.bat

13-Jun-2003 12:32:18 net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Environment <clinit>

INFO: Hibernate 2.0 final

13-Jun-2003 12:32:18 net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Environment <clinit>

INFO: hibernate.properties not found

13-Jun-2003 12:32:18 net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Environment <clinit>

INFO: using CGLIB reflection optimizer

13-Jun-2003 12:32:18 net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Environment <clinit>

INFO: JVM proxy support: true

13-Jun-2003 12:33:01 net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Configuration addFile

INFO: Mapping file: C:\Program Files\eclipse\workspace\testing\src\ocao\wads\mod


13-Jun-2003 12:33:01 net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Configuration addFile

SEVERE: Could not configure datastore from file: C:\Program Files\eclipse\worksp


org.dom4j.DocumentException: unknown protocol: c Nested exception: unknown proto

col: c

at org.dom4j.io.SAXReader.read(SAXReader.java:358)


Leonardo Bueno

Very nice tool! A couple of suggestions:

1) Make the query text area auto-wrap

2) Enable copy`n`paste

3) The results could be displayed in table format using reflection and double clicking a table row could pop-up a dialog showing a tree-view of the object. You may be able to find code to help implement this functionality in any open-source IDE project

If you want help implementing any of this I`m willing to help!


This kind of tool could definitely be helpful. I always write my SQL in a client tool first, and HQL is worse.

Getting XML parse error messages with hbm.xml files: error on line X of document. But what document? I need to add quite a few hbm.xml files to avoid unmapped class errors.

I think I'll try using Jython for now.


Jython works great as alternative:

1) set up classpath and start (jython hung when started by ant, so set to verbose, and copied classpath) into .bat file to start.

2) at jython prompt:

>>>import foo

>>>sess = foo.ServiceLocator.currentSession()

>>>query="from o in class foo.beans.Opportunity"

>>>list = sess.find(query)


[com.revenuetech.mpi.beans.Opportunity@79ca2e[planTermId=96], com.revenuetech.mp


>>> [ x.planTerm.value for x in list]

[-5.40, -7.63]

Ted Husted

Please consider donating the source back to the Hibernate project or setting up a SourceForge project so that others can help create a great IDE tool that we can use and share.