SUN Print Bug database blues!

Max Rydahl Andersen

What does one do when you have reported 2 critical errors regarding printing on Solaris and the only answer you've received is a "We currently have a three week response time for responding to Bug Reports." and that is now about 2 months ago!?

I've got two interal review ID's (191008 and 191011) but no where to ask about their status!

I've also asked SUN if I could be allowed to deploy my fixes (which requires changes on classes in rt.jar - more precisly UnixPrintJob, UnixPrintService and UnixPrintServiceLookup), but for this i've also never received an answer! ;(

So, now i'm actually not able to print to anything on a Solaris Java VM - without breaking the license on Java!
What do you do in such a situation ?

Just small info on the problems:

- it is hardwired to use e.g. "/usr/bin/lpstat", making it hard to use in e.g. clustered environments where the printercommand is not placed in those places

- the code does not listen to MediaTray.class (or even Media.class) in the printing process, thus making it very hard to select a specifik tray.

- the code has support for sending extra options to the printer, very nice - but the code to do it is disabled and impossible to access without overriding the class or subclassing it inside the sun.awt.print package!