Flying to Israel

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Max Rydahl Andersen

Sitting in the Zurich Airport waiting for the plane to Tel Aviv.

Just been through the most detailed security check ever - a security check that at least felt like being serious (as opposed to the non-serious timewasting security check done when travelling to the US )

Had to hand in everything for examination - only got my laptop afterwards the initial check for bombdust! Fun to get to see the machinery, but they kept my camera, phone, bag, etc.

Even my name were targeted for 'suspicious' behavior - what is wrong with having "Rydahl" as my middlename ? I did not find out, but had to tell them were I got it from.

But at least they knew enough about "Sky Mountain" (Himmel bjerget, 147 m) in Denmark to make fun about it compared to my alp view in Neuchatel ;)