Using Eclipse from the Command line on OSX

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Max Rydahl Andersen

If you want to open a file or a project with your favorite editor or IDE you might be doing something like:

editor myfile.ext

or even

editor myprojectdir

This approach works really well for emacs, vi, code (Visual Studio Code) and idea (IntelliJ Idea) and even eclipse but only on Windows and Linux.

On OSX for reasons I still don’t understand you have to do the following:

open -a myfile.ext

Thus to avoid having to do that every time I for now have done the following:

echo "open -a ~/java-latest-released/ \$@" > /usr/local/bin/eclipse
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/eclipse

From then on I can just use eclipse as it is meant to be:

eclipse `jbang --edit`

Note: Eclipse has a quirk where it tries to always import folders even when the workspace has it imported. You can just dismiss that wizard and hopefully that will be fixed in an update.

Have fun!